About Real World Wildlife Products

Real World Wildlife Products is leader in Land and Wildlife Management offerings.  They continually do test plots on their own land in order to create the best wildlife food plots.  This has lead to their "Dare to Compare" motto.  They in fact encourage people to plant their competitors food plots as long as they put in a Real World Wildlfie food plot next to it for comparison.  They know if you do you'll see the difference.


In 2015 they launched their deer nutrition line of products.  This was followed in 2016  by the release of their deer mineral product MAXIMIZER.  Another step in improving deer health is EHD Expect Healthy Deer Technology®.  This is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients designed to support a strong immune system, optimum rumen function, gastrointestinal tract function and nutrient utilization.  To learn more about EHD click on the logo below. In 2020 they continue to develop new products and partnerships with hunters and land managers.



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