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360 Series Hunting Blinds

360 SERIES Hunting Blinds: The Best Blind for Maximizing the Hunting Experience

360 Hunting Blinds are simply the best hunting blinds made today. From the engineering, to the quality of materials used, to the workmanship, to the spacious interiors, you just can’t find a better blind. Hunters consistently talk about how well constructed and 
quiet these blinds are compared to so many others on the market today. These multi-sided blinds have tinted “archery” and “firearm” windows that quietly and smoothly open and close for premium visibility, while providing perfect concealment for the hunter with enough room to stand upright. Stop by our office, or visit with us at a trade show to inquire which 
model is the best for you.

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Features & Upgrades

Features Included:
• 360 PRO has 9 gun/crossbow, and 4 archery windows. 
• 360 PRO XL has 9 gun/crossbow, and 6 archery windows
• All have peep windows at standing height
• Wood frame construction & LP Smartside Exterior
• 80” inside height
• Locking door with sliding 18” wide x 12” high window
• Built in pockets for pressure treated 4x4 legs
• Padded shooting rails at each window
• Adjustable vent above door
• Heavy duty, seamless waterproof roof
• Carpeted floor & walls up to bottom of windows Upgrade Options:
• Metal tower stand
• Shelf kits
• Handicap accessible doo

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Give Jeremy a call at 785.949.2204, or email him at: with any questions you may have.

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