Commitment to New Technology

Phillips Seed is committed to incorporating new technology into our germplasm. New technology is playing a major role on today’s farms and we are committed to bringing forth traits that provide economic and agronomic value to the producer.

One example of this commitment is the systemic insect protection for corn through Agrisure®, Duracade®, Viptera®, Genuity®, YieldGard® and Herculex® B.t. technologies insuring better protection for your growing crops.

Soybean technologies available from Phillips Seed Farms includes Enlist E3®, LLGT27®, Xtendflex® and Roundup Ready 2 Extend®.

Other examples of technologies available from Phillips Seed are CoAXium® and Clearfield® improved herbicide technologies for wheat.  Our sorghum technologies include tolerance to Sugarcane Aphid.  Brown Midrib (BMR) forage sorghum have shown marked reduction of lignin content in the plant and have shown as high as 40% increase in feed value over conventional hybrids. 


Shuttle EQ2 alfalfa has an innovative low lignin content for improved digestability as well as enhanced nutrient absorption.  It also has exceptional tolerance to high saline soils and high pH environments.

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