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About Phillips Seed Farms

Phillips Seed Farms, founded in 1985, continues to thrive into the 21st century.  Our philosophy is to get the right genetics in the right situation. Our extensive testing program provides this through replicated evaluation trials, strip trials, and on farm evaluations. We believe the resulting performance advantage is worth the extra effort. Instead of concentrating on products that perform over a large area, Phillips Seed Farms’ focus is on finding products that excel in your environment.
The first step in the testing process is to evaluate our potential varieties. Locally, we test corn hybrids, soybean varieties, and milo annually in replicated plots throughout our region. This process allows us to evaluate seed performance in a variety of growing conditions. 
All of these new products are designed to give you, the producer, more options to improve your productivity. To help you do this, we have also increased our agronomic support and information system to deliver data and information to our customers.
While the seed business continues to change rapidly and our competitors lose focus on the locally suitable genetics, Phillips Seed Farms will continue to focus on genetic development and complimentary technologies that increase your profitability. Phillips Seed Farms’ culture of innovation will continue to service and deliver new products while direct relationships with customers remain fundamental to who we are and the value we deliver. Phillips Seed Farms recognizes that seed decisions should be made in the field…not in the boardroom, and that a seed choice should truly be that…a choice.
Hope Plant

980 Highway15
Hope, Kansas 67451
(785) 949-2204
(800) 643-4340

Assaria Plant

205 East Main St.
Assaria, Kansas 67416
(785) 914-5018
(800) 255-1021

Tescott Plant

Box 44
Tescott, Kansas 67484
(785) 283-4734
(888) 436-4734

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