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Real Worlds’ Maximizer Plus Feed Concentrate was developed by our team of professional nutritionists working in cooperation with whitetail veterinarian Dr. Clifford Shipley from the University of Illinois. The goal was to develop a concentrated feed additive for captive deer farmers that would contain all of the minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients that a whitetail needs to thrive and maximize antler growth and fawn production. This product also contains Real World’s exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology® which helps to keep the deer herd healthy and productive.


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While Maximizer Plus Feed Concentrate was developed for captive deer farmers, it is also a great product to use when supplemental feeding wild deer. Think about it, captive deer farmers are paid by the inch when they sell their bucks thus they do whatever it takes to maximize antler growth. If Real Worlds Maximizer Plus Feed Concentrate is good enough for them, wouldn’t it be perfect for maximizing antler growth in wild bucks as well?

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When you use Maximizer Plus Feed Concentrate you do not have to add other minerals or vitamin products to your feed although we do strongly encourage you to have mineral licks charged with Real Worlds Maximizer or Maximizer Plus minerals on your property.

Easy to Use!

Simply mix this concentrate with grains at a rate of 200 lbs per ton of complete feed or 10% of the total feed ration.

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